About us
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Manufacturer, Latex rubber finger cots for electronics, semiconductors, LCD, component assembly,
laboratory & medical use, and contamination protection

In Korea since 1993, Producing in China since 1997, Producing in Vietnam since 2011,

We pursuit valuable partnership with clean-room suppliers,
manufacturers of small components & electronic parts and medical suppliers.

We are cooperating with more than 50 customers over 20 countries in the world.
We are always ready for you wherever you are and whatever you need.

Since 1993 KOMEX Corporation has started manufacturing Latex Rubber Finger Cots
in Korea and moved its production facility & know-how to China in 1996.

The steady & successful growth in China has contributed us to be a global leader of Latex Rubber Finger Cots
in quality standard and production capacity for use in the industries of Semiconductors,
Electronical components, High technology industry and Biotech, Hospitals and Laboratories.

At the mercy of our active sales partners & distributors in USA, Europe and Asia,
our finger cots are used by major leaders of the industries in each continent.