F300. Conductive Latex Finger Cots
Made of pure Natural Rubber Latex.
Black carbon compounded and washed by chlorination. 
Static dissipative & powder-free.
Average surface resistance: /cm.
Silicone oil, Amide & Plasticizers free.
3 Mil skin thin & High level comfort, tactile sensitivity.
Non volatile residue & FTIR acceptable level at IEST-RP-CC005.2.
Textured surface at tip area ensures maximum dexterity and smooth griping of sensitive & slippery devices.
Black color.
Packaged in static dissipative shielding bags(See packing).
Handling Class & Class static sensitive devices. 
ESD control required cleanroom(Class 100) use. 
IC & LCD industries.
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

Specification sheet