F200. Powder-free Latex Finger Cots
Made of pure Natural Rubber Latex.
Powder Washed-out by chlorination.
Maintaining the lowest level of chloride, less than 20 ppm.
Powder-free(Super clean).
Silicone oil, Amide & Plasticizers free.
3 Mil skin thin & High level comfort, tactile sensitivity.
ASTM 3772 compliant.
Yellow color.
Pink color(optional).
Transparent color(optional).
Antistatic type(optional) - F200A.
Rimless(Cut type)(optional). - F200C
Packaged in Poly bag or Antistatic poly bag(See packing).
Personal and products protection from skin salts, flakes, oils, chemical & solvent splash.
LCD manufacturings, critical components.
Class 100 cleanroom & ESD control room use - F200A.
Handling thin films, optics & precision assembly.
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

Specification sheet